What is Cisco Spark Board?

In our last blog we looked at Cisco’s latest end-to-end service, Spark, and introduced the basics of what it is. You can read about Cisco Spark by clicking the link.

Alongside the Spark service, Cisco are also releasing specific Spark endpoints, the first of which to be released is the Spark Board.

Presented as the all-in-one device for team collaboration the Spark Board is a 55” LED LCD capacitive touch screen with built in camera and 12-element microphone array.

It Features:

  • A screen that you can use to wirelessly present, white board, and video or audio conference
  • The device automatically wakes up when you enter the room
  • It will detect the Cisco Spark app on supported devices, and suggest an activity such as ‘make a call’
  • Everything that is created within the Spark Board can be stored securely in the cloud, whilst still being associated to a virtual room. This allows users to continue from where they left off after a meeting has ended in the physical room
  • It has a built in 4k camera with a +/- 86 degree viewing angle
  • The built-in microphone array amplifies and modulates speaker voices so meeting participants sound great, wherever they are located in the room 

Cisco are positioning the Spark Board as a revolutionary, ultimate, all-in-one solution for meeting rooms, capable of delivering high quality audio and video that is demanded for today’s meetings.

Combined with the Cisco Spark service, users will be able to collaborate in virtual meeting spaces easily and securely. It facilitates continuous workflow before, during and after the physical space has been used, minimising wasted time and maximising collaboration.

As a Cisco Master ATP partner, we can help you to discover how to get the best from Cisco Spark in your business, deploying Spark Boards to aid real-time employee communication. Get in touch so we can start the conversation today.  

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