Where Would You Be Without QofE - Part 3: Availability and support and their importance in video conferencing

For the final part of our blog series looking at our quality of experience process, we look at the last two segments of our QofE circle: availability and support. Regardless of the nature of your video conferencing solution, availability of services and continued support from experts is imperative for high adoption and ROI. Click to read part one and part two

Both these components are integral to the overall performance of a video conferencing service or solution, and service owners can only champion this change if they know they will receive the best and most dedicated service from the MSP. Let’s go into the two elements in more detail.



At Videocall, we have a strict policy regarding service level agreements (SLAs), aimed at ensuring the breadth and availability of services, therefore providing peace of mind for both IT teams and overall user communities. But what do we mean by availability? Does it refer to the physical estates used for video conferencing and meetings, or the status availability of the equipment and service?

The two are not mutually exclusive; we understand that having a clear view of room systems and meeting environments can be as important to user communities as network availability is to IT teams. Being able to see when meeting rooms are available through everyday tools such as Microsoft Outlook is imperative for user experience, alongside the ability for staff to be able to use meeting rooms and the video service whenever it is needed.

Moreover, availability refers to the concept of an ‘always on’ service, one that has minimum downtime in an IT sense. Again this can have a huge impact on the overall experience if employees turn up to a meeting room to find the codec not working or the service out of action. Videocall’s OUTREACH service monitors the entire estate in real-time notifying our Service Desk should any issues occur. This means that issues are often resolved before anyone is impacted.



Arguably the most important part of our quality of experience process is support. You need ongoing, agnostic support of all hardware, software and endpoints to ensure all aspects of your solution receive the care needed to function at full capacity, regardless of how your video conferencing estate is utilised.

We offer a wide range of products and services under the umbrella of managed services, allowing our customers to pick and choose a bespoke collection of services in order to provide continuous and extensive support. Among our canon of products, we offer:

-          OUTREACH: a remote infrastructure management and diagnostic service, providing real-time data to managed the availability and performance of all meeting environments.

-          SUREFIRE: our managed overlay network which streamlines video traffic into a dedicated funnel, thereby reducing the change of lag or outages for other mission-critical applications

-          ITIL Service Desk: 24/7/365 support

-          vNOC: optional meeting management and concierge service from a dedicated team of experts, securely located in our HQ

-          Trained Experts: all of Videocall’s staff are trained and certified within the industry making them experts in the field and providing Videocall with the highest accreditations across the industry. This also means that further technical help can be requested from Polycom, Cisco, Microsoft and other major UC companies should it be required

Alongside the products we offer, strategic and tactical consulting from experts helps to achieve customer success now and in the future.


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