Why Spark? Simple, Secure, Complete, Open

Have Cisco created a service that allows everyone to collaborate properly through a single application?

We all know that collaboration in business is important, and that it is changing. Everyone is talking about it. What it has meant for many enterprise companies is that they now have a mixture of applications and services all trying to do different tasks under the name of communication and unified collaboration.

Are they really unified though? Have you, like many other service owners fallen into the trap of adding more and more applications to meet the demand of your users – audio, video, instant message, collaboration space, online whiteboard, content sharing, file sharing. The list of demands keeps increasing, and by adding new services each time a new workflow is created; training is needed; and a further set of skills must be learnt.

If they could only be found in one easy to use service…wouldn’t that be a game changer!

Cisco has answered the call.

In our last blog we looked at Cisco’s collaboration strategy and introduced Cisco Spark. If you don’t already know what Spark is, then I would advise that you have a read.

We touched upon the fact that Spark is Simple, Secure, Complete and Open, but now let’s take a closer look at how these areas within Spark will help your users collaborate effectively and easily.

Spark is naturally very simple to use. It looks and feels like it was built by people who use collaboration technology all the time. There is a feeling that it has borrowed the best bits from other applications which intrinsically makes it feel natural and homely.

You can access the functionality you require from a single button click in the top right. This opens a simple menu offering messaging, calling, whiteboard, people and files. You create Spark spaces, with individuals, groups or teams, including customers, suppliers and clients who can access the space you invite them into by using the free Spark application. Everything you need to collaborate is there and available. There is no requirement for extra licences to be purchased to unlock extra collaboration features such as requiring an E5 or ACP licence with Microsoft Skype for Business to use PSTN and video conferencing.

Spark is the only application that encrypts the data both on the way to the cloud and when in the cloud. This means that all your conversations are secure at all times. Currently other services only encrypt the data once it enters the cloud space.

The other great decision that Cisco have made with Spark is to make it open. Whilst they may not be the first company to come up with the open source code idea that allows developers from other companies to create ‘add-ons’, the addition of ‘bots’ into your Spark spaces saves time and the need to come out of Spark to find or do something.

With developers from SalesForce, Google and Microsoft to name just a few. Bots link to applications like Google Doc’s, SharePoint, ServiceNow, pulling data and information into the Spark spaces real-time and keeping the collaboration flowing.

Cisco Spark is simple, secure, complete and open and has become the collaboration service that all others should look to replicate and improve on. How long will it take you to realise that the perfect answer to your collaboration challenges is Spark?   

If you are interested in seeing what Spark is all about, then why not let us take you to see a live demonstration. As a Cisco Master ATP and Spark reseller, we can take you on an exclusive tour of the Spark facilities at Bedfont Lakes to see Spark working. Simply provide us with your name by clicking on this link, or email information@videocall.co.uk or call +44 (0)1276 706 706 and we can start your Spark collaboration journey.