You Need to Improve Your Unified Collaboration, But What is the Solution?

Like any challenge, to solve it you must first truly understand what you are trying to achieve. Whilst this may sound like a cheesy one liner from a martial arts movie there is a lot of truth behind it.

In business, we have a habit of looking for a best fit product or service to fix a challenge rather than trying to find a solution to the challenge itself. What we are often left with is something that has fixed part, but not all of the challenge, and sometimes something that then causes a further challenge.

Attend one of our 45-minute unified collaboration workshops and understand how to create the perfect communication solution for your business.


  • The challenge – Is it hardware, software, user base or a combination of them that is the challenge?
  • Migration to the cloud – Is it right for your business? What are the steps that can be taken?
  • Understanding your user’s needs – Internal customers drive adoption
  • New technology and platforms – Can it improve my collaboration? How can it be part of a bigger solution?

Each workshop is complimentary, confidential and held on a one to one basis.

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In Depth

During the workshop we are going to look at how you can actually find a solution to your unified communication challenges by engaging with experts and having a bespoke solution designed for you.

Each session will cover off the important questions that need answered, including: What the exact challenge is? Why it needs changing? And where it is that you want to get to?

Is it a need to replace old outdated platforms or codecs? Is there new functionality such as live streaming that could improve the time to market for your business? Should your meetings simply be easier to schedule and participate in, more reliable or higher quality?   

Start Thinking About

If it is hardware, don’t just go straight for the latest upgrade. Instead use this as a chance to see if there are alternatives that offer a better fit to your requirements.

Is it time to consider whether migrating to a collaboration cloud, whether as a hybrid deployment, or fully on a private or public cloud space can offer a better alternative. There is no right or wrong, each offer their own advantages and solve their own different challenge that should be investigated.

As with hardware, when software needs replacing, don’t automatically go straight forward to purchase the latest version, look at what is trying to be achieved, does it need to change? How can it be improved? What other companies have similar applications? Are they compatible? Consider practicalities such as security, reliability and overall performance of the software. Getting these wrong will certainly lead to further challenges in the future, whereas getting it right can positively impact on things such as user experience and adoption.

User’s needs can often be the most challenging to achieve, they are after all your internal customers. Whether it is a ‘want’ or ‘need’ scenario, alongside the level within the company that the request has come from can impact on an entire collaboration strategy. However, user adoption to technology is the biggest factor in whether any new solution will be successful within a company.

Feedback from users on what is currently working and what is not, what features and options they would ‘need’ ‘want’ or ‘like’ must be documented. It is even worth noting what technology your internal customers use outside of the business to communicate. Do they prefer persistent chat? Do they like to video chat on WhatsApp or FaceTime? All of these are tell-tale signs as to how likely they will adapt to newly deployed technology.

Finally, we discuss new technology that has been launched, or is on the horizon and how that might affect your strategy, help you plan for the future, or to simply keep you aware of latest innovation and trends.

As a unified collaboration business with over 20 years of experience with enterprise companies, we have experts that can consult with you to design a solution that will overcome all your challenges. Take a minute to look at our case studies to understand how we have helped other companies such as Britvic, Fujitsu and Clarks.

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