You still use a PC in your meeting room to connect to Skype for business?

OK honesty time. How many companies out there are running Skype for Business in meeting rooms, including boardrooms where business critical meetings are held, by having a desktop that is hidden in a cupboard connected to a screen or projector?

Yes we know, there are quite a lot of you. Including global enterprise companies as well!

We also know that this causes IT several problems and challenges; not least when users forget to log off and then start sharing Skype for Business chats from their desks into the meeting room they were previously in.

We can understand that companies used to do this a few years ago. Back then it was the easiest way for Microsoft Lync users to collaborate with people in other offices. Thankfully the workplace has moved on from these dark and stone age times.

Gartner reported that enterprises regularly report dissatisfaction with the quality and capabilities of Skype for Business audio and video conferencing functionalities. This is why business critical meetings should be run on a proper video conferencing service.

Isn’t that complicated and harder for the users we here you say…

There is a solution that can deliver high quality audio and video, reliability and security to your meeting rooms, and allows employees to use Microsoft Skype for Business on-premises or delivered from the Microsoft Azure cloud. It connects traditional video conferencing codec technology and video enabled devices to employees using Skype for Business with a single press on a meeting room touch pad. You can even continue to schedule meetings through Microsoft Outlook as before.

Combine StarLeaf’s GTm product range with Videocall’s ICE service and you will have a collaboration service that delivers a truly enterprise experience.

By using StarLeaf and Videocall, you won’t have a device that forces automatic updates during working hours, or during meetings. You will be capable of connecting to Skype for Business users whilst using two screens, which of course is great for viewing content. You will also have the technology that can provide analytical data on your Skype calls, providing crucial benefits realisation information around usage. We will cover more about the advantages of adding a managed service to your Skype for Business service in the next blog.

You can move away from using a hidden PC in your meeting rooms to a solution that will increase adoption and provide a fit for purpose collaboration service.

If you missed the last blog about getting more from Microsoft Skype for Business, and understanding why it is so popular, the link will allow you to go back and read it.

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