In Brief

The issues:

  • Interoperability between ISDN and IP based video conferencing systems
  • The need for a revised video conferencing strategy to take advantage of mobile technology
  • Desire to drive productivity enhancements through the widespread use of video collaboration
  • Quality, consistency, cost and security of communications across the globe
  • Requirement for a comprehensive global support service

Selection criteria: interoperability, cost control

Solution chosen: Microsoft Lync and Videocall’s Intelligent Cloud Experience (ICE) collaboration and support/maintenance services.

Britvic - In Brief

Britvic - The Problem

The Problem

With their own range of distinguished UK brands like Robinsons and J2O, alongside exclusive agreements to make and distribute global brands including Pepsi and 7up, Britvic’s international reach is continuously developing, leading to business sites in America, Ireland and France.

Like any company in a highly competitive market productivity amongst key decision-makers, security around product development and global operational consistency & analysis are all key elements of the business. Britvic have long recognised the importance of video collaboration in staying ahead of their competitors by implementing a communications strategy based around twenty room-based Polycom video systems. 

This was effective for several years, until the recent expansion across multiple sites in the USA (particularly the opening of a franchised head office in Miami), which led the management team to re-evaluate their approach.

Firstly, video technology has evolved significantly since Britvic’s initial investment, and employees were already taking advantage of the flexibility provided by desktop and mobile devices, which ‘out of the box’ did not integrate with their ISDN-based room systems.

Secondly, ISDN charges to introduce fixed video technology into every location would be prohibitively expensive.

Britvic were keen to find a solution, which simultaneously retained and leveraged use of their existing high quality video collaboration and enabled mobile technology as and when required.

The problem boiled down to finding a cost effective solution that gave true unified communications, between ISDN room-based systems and the latest desktop / mobile internet-based communication applications.

Britvic - Our Solution

Our Solution

Videocall proposed using Britvic’s existing Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business) together with Videocall’s Intelligent Cloud Experience (ICE) to facilitate video calls between any mobile device, desktop or room-based system.

ICE is an easy to use, cloud-based, business service that enables users to enjoy a secure and reliable video conference, on whatever device suits their needs in any location.

Britvic now has a single user interface working across both IDSN based and IP based video conferencing systems.  Business meetings can be conducted from any room system, desktop or mobile device in any location across their global spectrum.

In contrast to many other competitors, Videocall offers concurrent user pricing for ICE.  This means that Britvic can offer video conferencing facilities to all those who may need it, whilst still keeping control of the costs. 

The greatest overall benefit is the ability to drive out further increases in productivity, through the widespread use of video communication within Britvic.  To ensure high availability and the best possible user experience at all times, Videocall provides 24/7 support and maintenance across both ICE and existing hardware across the globe.

With the barriers to use well and truly broken down, Britvic is now in a position to maximise their use of video collaboration, as a key productivity tool in their exceedingly competitive market space.

Britvic - The Benefits

The Benefits

“Video conferencing is an important productivity tool for Britvic.  Some years ago, we invested in state-of-the-art room-based video technology, because we could see what an impact this had on our ability to manage and grow globally.  But as we continued to expand, adding dedicated lines to each and every location would not have been cost effective. 

As a result, when employees needed to communicate with someone who had no physical access to a room system, they had no choice but to try to use whatever mobile or desktop application was available to them; the communication had become divergent.

Videocall offered a comprehensive approach to our issues. They helped to implement enabling software and services and now Videocall support and maintain our ICE video communications across the globe.

Today, our employees and business partners in disparate locations can connect into any of our room-based video conferences with ease.

Videocall’s ICE concurrent user pricing allows us clear visibility of the costs of this video communication service, whilst being able to give every employee access to video collaboration tools on whatever platform suits their needs.” 

Peter Jackson, Solution Leader, Britvic IT Design and Delivery.


Britvic Soft Drinks is one of the two leading branded soft drinks businesses in the UK and Europe, producing over 1.4 billion litres annually.

The company is dedicated to creating and building brands that delight consumers always, with a strong track record of innovation in products and packaging.

The two core markets which Britvic distributes to are distinguished between 'at home', including all the major supermarkets and 'out of home', including tens of thousands of small local shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels and cinemas. Britvic Soft Drinks supplies a wide range of products to approximately 200,000 of these outlets, continuing to build a company that is acknowledged for commercial excellence and efficient operations.

About Videocall’s ICE

Videocall Intelligent Cloud Experience (ICE) is a simple to use, cloud based business grade Video-as-a-Service Solution (VaaS). It is device/system agnostic and enables users to enjoy secure and reliable ad-hoc or scheduled video conferences, on whatever device suits their needs. 

ICE is an ideal solution for those who need to collaborate with people both within and outside their own enterprise, using different types of video conferencing systems, as well as a range of desktop and mobile devices.

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