Fujitsu - Challenge


With in excess of 70 offices across the UK, Fujitsu needed a way to reduce travelling not only to save money but also to improve employees’ work-life balance and to help to reduce their carbon footprint. Fujitsu were looking for a service provider to implement a consistent experience across their enterprise with people able to walk into a room and begin their meeting without having to set up equipment or adjust settings.

Fujitsu - Solution


Videocall was selected as a video communication partner, able to give consultative input on best practice deployment and usage in order to generate the best results. A completely outsourced solution was chosen and 16 video conferencing rooms were set up, with a total of 45 video conferencing systems currently deployed across 21 locations. Meeting booking and scheduling is integrated directly with Fujitsu’s intranet service. Videocall ensures that at the meeting’s allocated start time the system is connected and the meeting is ready to go.

Fujitsu is connected to Videocall’s managed cloud by two fully redundant network interconnects, which guarantees the highest quality and a Telepresence style experience.

Fujitsu - Results


With people starting to realise how video conferencing can make their meetings more productive with technologies such as document or presentation sharing the Fujitsu enterprise utilization of video conferencing is currently growing at 25% year on year.

Videocall’s real time meeting environment management services ensures that the Fujitsu’s meetings are monitored and managed, ensuring prompt meeting start times and a consistent high quality experience throughout the meeting.
Fujitsu is currently in the process of upgrading their key sites to high definition systems running over IP ensuring higher quality and connection reliability. Telepresence is also expanding in Europe with the aim to reduce flights between European Fujitsu locations to save time, money and reduce Fujitsu’s carbon footprint.

Fujitsu’s Information Technology & Services; Group Properties commented: “Videocall have given us the right blend of service and support. Video conferencing is about an experience and ensuring Fujitsu personnel get this experience every time is very important. To this end Videocall is a company big enough to meet our needs whilst remaining agile and personable to respond to our requests.”

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