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The Challenge

ITE had an existing on premises core platform to host their video conferencing system. Their ageing conferencing estate, which was located in 15 offices across 12 countries, was nearing the end of its life and manufacturer maintenance agreements. The hardware had been acquired from numerous vendors; Lifesize, Cisco and Tandberg. The system had become inflexible and was no longer delivering the high-quality experience needed. As a result, adoption of the system had declined.  ITE workers were increasingly travelling to meet face to face rather than using the conferencing system, this was both expensive and inefficient.

ITE needed to create a high quality, easy to use video conferencing strategy that could be adopted by all their user communities. It needed to be interoperable with Skype for Business, and it needed to provide an ad-hoc managed service for their senior Executives. As well as this, the service needed to be commercially viable; ripping out and replacing their vast global conferencing estate – including their core platform - wasn’t an option at this stage.

Their Objectives

  • Migrate to a secure cloud service to remove necessity for platform replacement
  • Utilise existing hardware estate – Cisco, Tandberg and Lifesize endpoints – to create secure and highest quality video communication channels across their 20 locations globally
  • Be interoperable with Skype for Business to allow customers using the technology to connect to ITE meeting room systems
  • Allow for ad-hoc use of a hosted concierge conferencing service for executive use
  • Create desktop access to hosted conferencing services for executives who need to connect remotely
  • Provide a single workflow conference booking system for the London office support staff
  • Improve quality and reliability of solution globally from laptop, tablet & mobile devices

ITE - Their Objectives

Skype for Business

ITE - The Solution

The Solution

ITE chose Videocall to deploy a cloud solution that could satisfy all of their objectives. Videocall’s ICE platform is unique in that it can bring any video enabled devices together to experience highest quality video collaboration from the users native environment. Users connecting via room systems, mobile devices, Skype for Business, web browser or WebRTC can all experience the same reliable, secure connection without leaving their usual workflow.

As well as this, Videocall offer an SLA of 99.999% availability, and a support and maintenance package that gives 24/7/365 guaranteed next day on site resolution. For ITE this means their offices spread over 20 countries could connect securely and reliably from the cloud without having to replace a single endpoint, and they have a single point of contact for support.

Videocall’s managed cloud services created a unified collaboration strategy for ITE:

  • ICE allows Skype for Business users to connect to meeting rooms or web based conferencing whilst remaining in their native environment
  • Videocall’s vNOC provide ad-hoc fully hosted conference services to allow ITE’s executives to simply arrive in the board room and take part in the meeting – no connection or need to use the room systems
  • ICE Desktop allows remote connection to managed meetings hosted by vNOC. ICE Web provides a VMR based conferencing platform so users can self-schedule video meetings
  • ICE Web in-conference features include scheduling, join now, share and annotate content
  • Third party participants can access via URL, WebRTC, Skype for Business or audio only
  • Videocall’s EAGLE service management platform has created a unified single workflow for managed conference booking and is interoperable with Microsoft Outlook
  • 24/7/365 SLA backed support and maintenance guarantees next day on-site resolution for technical issues
  • Videocall have worked with ITE to provide on-site training for their key users and in-house support services

The Results

ITE now have globally available high quality video collaboration to connect their widely dispersed sites and third parties.  Reliability and video quality has vastly improved resulting in more frequent collaboration meaning business outcomes are being achieved faster.

User communities across 20 countries are now able to collaborate in the way that suits them, ICE users can connect in the way they prefer; meaning they can remain in their chosen native environment. Self-scheduling conferencing at the desktop or within room systems plus no disruption to usual workflow has driven adoption of the new system.

The implementation of the EAGLE unified conferencing platform teamed with vNOC managed conferencing has ensured that ITE’s in-house support services can remain focused on their day to day and not be consumed with conference booking, connection and maintenance.

Delivered as part of a comprehensive managed cloud service, Videocall’s ICE platform will provide ITE with a future proofed, scalable, secure and reliable collaboration partnership that can evolve and support their future business needs.

The Results

Neil Burman - IT Director

“Video conferencing has been a constant issue for ITE given the diverse nature of our businesses and the demand from senior management for a high quality reliable solution. Up to 20% of our internal IT support teams time per week was spent dealing with reliability issues relating to our old video system.  The use of the video system reduced and it was seen across the business as a bad joke. Our reputation as an IT function suffered because of this.”

“Since moving our video infrastructure to Videocall, the quality and reliability of the system has improved dramatically.  Senior management are happy, the IT team have more time to deal with user issues not video conference problems, use of the system (both from board room systems and via laptops, tablets and smartphones) has increased by more than 60% and it is no longer seen as a bad joke.”

“The Videocall implementation team worked with us to ensure a smooth transition to their environment and provided detailed training to technical and not technical staff alike to help drive adoption.  Videocall’s online booking system EAGLE has enabled the non-technical staff within our business to take control of booking the system reducing further the reliance on IT resource.

Videocalls helpdesk have also been very helpful, nothing is too much for them and response times are always good.” 

“I do not regret for a minute collaborating with Videocall, not only have we achieved everything I have detailed above but they are also very reasonably priced.”

ITE Group

ITE - Review

About ITE

ITE was established in 1991 and soon launched a series of trade exhibitions in Russia and the CIS with the primary objective of promoting trade opportunities these new market economies.

Today, these markets remain an area of considerable strength for the group and ITE has a comprehensive office network and event portfolio in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, India, China, Turkey, Malaysia, South Africa, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, UK and Uzbekistan.

About Videocall's ICE

Videocall Intelligent Cloud Experience (ICE) is a simple-to-use, cloud-based business grade Video-as-a-Service Solution (VaaS). It is device and system agnostic and enables users to enjoy secure and reliable ad-hoc or scheduled video conferences on whatever device suits their needs. 

ICE is an ideal solution for those who need to collaborate with people both within and outside their own enterprise, using different types of video conferencing systems, as well as a range of desktop and mobile devices.


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