Linklaters is a leading global law firm, advising prominent global corporations and financial institutions on their most important and challenging transactions and assignments. The firm employs over 4,500 people, throughout a network of 27 offices in 19 different countries and has revenues of 1.2 billion pounds per annum.

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Linklaters - The Challenges


Linklaters support clients in achieving their objectives wherever they do business, so communicating and collaborating effectively between colleagues, regardless of location, is crucial to the firm’s ability to deliver. As a global organisation Linklaters wanted to further improve its existing video conferencing solutions from Videocall, which were being under-utilised through issues with latency and the overall quality, which tended to put people off using them. The firm also planned to reduce the costs associated with travel above and beyond the direct cost of flights and hotels; for example, the time spent travelling between airports. The challenge was not only to decrease travel itself and the costs associated with it, but to also increase and improve communications across the organisation as a whole.

Linklaters - Solution

Solutions and Implementation

Linklaters commissioned their long standing partner, Videocall, (video conferencing service provider and Polycom Platinum Specialist) to deliver Videocall Immersive Telepresence solutions in its London office to improve internal communications with Linklater’s other major communication hubs in New York, Hong Kong and Frankfurt. As their long-term video conferencing partner, Videocall have assisted Linklaters in driving video across the business, transitioning Linklaters from ISDN to IP, to HD and now to Immersive Telepresence.

With employees based around the world, sharing and discussing information instantly and making decisions quickly using video collaboration is vital to Linklaters business success and client satisfaction. Linklaters required a secure solution that seamlessly enabled any type of video call to be connected to any HD video standards based device, regardless of location, connectivity or platform whilst minimising latency and packet loss and delivering load balancing, failover and scalability.

A completely outsourced cloud deployment was chosen to intelligently manage the entire video infrastructure through Videocall ICE. Linklaters now has the ability to operate high quality video conferences on a global basis whilst realizing operational and cost effiencies. The firm no longer needs to invest in additional infrastructure to support a video conferencing deployment and there is no on-going onsite management of the video conferencing estate and supporting infrastructure. Videocall’s service concierge management platform, Eagle, was also chosen to enable meeting bookings and scheduling whilst providing a consistent video conference experience allowing people to walk in and begin their meeting without having to set up equipment or adjust settings. Linklaters also offers the use of Videocall ICE to its clients and partners to host consultations. Meeting participants quickly cease to notice the technology and focus solely on the people. This has helped offer the firm a huge competitive advantage.

Rather than fly people around the globe, a range of Linklaters staff make regular use of the video conferencing suites for operational meetings and training sessions, which have been found to be effective as participants feel as though they are in the same training room, regardless of location. “Providing a meeting environment with face-to-face video collaboration that is as lifelike and natural as if you were in the same room, allows our clients, partners, and colleagues to connect and work together much more effectively. The increase in employee demand for video collaboration is proof of the facility’s success. Through the video suites we are able to hold virtual meetings that promote faster communications across key locations, with the added benefits of reducing travel costs and our impact on the environment.” said Alastair Mitchell, London Chief Operating Officer, Linklaters.

Linklaters - results


Through its relationship with Videocall, Linklaters today enjoys a world class Immersive meeting environment. Since installing the Immersive video suites, video collaboration has become central to the way Linklaters does business.

The travel desk now encourages employees to use the video suites instead of travelling to meetings. The new platform is used extensively for a wide range of activities – from board meetings to training sessions and client meetings. Video collaboration has helped Linklaters, with 27 offices in 19 countries, to reduce its travel budgets by tens of thousands of pounds with further reductions expected, while also saving 1,900 tons of CO2 in just 12 months – the equivalent of taking an extra 365 family cars off the road in a year.

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