The Challenge

The Challenge

Miller Homes is a respected national UK homebuilder with an established reputation for building outstanding quality family homes and providing excellent customer service. As a company they have strong growth plans with a target to build 4,000 homes per annum by 2021.

In 2013 as part of a larger group of construction and property development companies, Miller Homes inherited a number of Polycom video conferencing room systems deployed across its seven national offices within an on-premises core. The following year Miller Homes separated from the group, retaining the collaboration equipment that had been previously been deployed.

In 2016, Miller Homes was faced with ongoing maintenance and support costs much higher than expected, for the core infrastructure and room systems. Any decision to remove the equipment that supported the service was not an option, as in the three years since its deployment, it had become heavily used and notably relied upon for national meetings by the Directors.

Miller Homes needed to find a way of keeping the systems and service whilst reducing their ownerships costs and offering scalability and future proofing going forward.

Miller Homes Objectives

  • Ensure that they continued to have high quality video conferencing available for internal meetings across their seven UK regions
  • Find a lower cost alternative that did not impact on the quality, reliability or security of the service.
  • To avoid replacing current working technology with different technology
  • Increase the number of people using the collaboration technology from the Directors to other members of staff
  • Outsource requirements to a service provider where Miller Homes could not add value

Miller Homes Objectives

The Solution

The Solution

Miller Homes chose to talk to Videocall about their maintenance renewal, to see whether we could help as an expert in collaboration and managed services.

Videocall offered Miller Homes the option to move their service to our cloud platform, ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience). By doing this Miller Homes could retain all the functionality, quality, and user experience that they had so far enjoyed, including Polycom RealPresence Mobile and RealPresence Desktop applications, but at the same time, reduce their ownership costs.

Videocall designed a managed service for Miller Homes that included the following:

  • A reduction in operating costs
  • Videocall’s Enterprise platform, moving the Miller Homes collaboration service to the cloud, whilst continuing to deliver a high-quality service
  • Existing workflows for users were maintained ensuring a minimum amount of new training

Global ITIL 24/7/365 SLA backed support and maintenance for all room based systems and users

The Results

With the deployment of Videocall’s ICE platform, and its easy-to-use functionality, Miller Homes has seen the usage of their collaboration equipment increase from usage only by Directors, to video conferencing for all staff, and the rooms being used on a daily basis. The Senior Management Team hold monthly and quarterly reviews and as the IT’ HR and safety, health and environment functions involve remote staff, the technology is used across those lines of business as well. The systems are also used to support all home building activities including land searches, building and sales. The increase in usage has further justified the decision to keep the service operational, and has increased the ROI for the company.


Following the opening of a new region, all eight of Miller Homes’ offices and employees in the field can now collaborate nationally at any time in a way that suits them, whether that is from their meeting rooms or via mobile devices. They have a service that offers the best enterprise collaboration experience, with ICE delivering high quality, reliability, security and interoperability all through an easy to use cloud service.

Miller Homes has achieved its objectives, keeping the high-quality collaboration service that they already had, without the prohibitive cost. They have not had to sacrifice on any functionality, security or reliability, and in fact have invested in a further video conferencing device for their eighth regional office.

The Results

Miller Homes


Alan Coutts – Head of Technology

“We inherited a lot of Polycom technology, and at first did not fully realise how much the Directors would use it. It very quickly became clear how useful video conferencing is and as such it became business critical for us to retain this technology.”

“We were stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place when it came to the renewal of the maintenance until we spoke to Videocall.”

“Videocall helped us not only mange the whole challenge, but improve the overall service. We have now invested in another room system for our latest Worcester office due to the increasing use of the ICE service, and to ensure we can communicate effectively with all offices.”

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