Mills & Reeve - The Challenge

The Challenge

Mills & Reeve is one of the most successful law firms in the UK because of its highly commercial approach, the deep relationships it develops with clients, and the quality of its people and collaborative culture.

They have six offices in major cities across the UK, each of which was home to a single Tandberg video conferencing system. Mills & Reeve were early adopters to video conferencing, realising the potential benefits it offered companies with multiple offices, and a global client base.

As a national law firm with offices across the country there is a need for lawyers to regularly meet to collaborate. The video conferencing equipment being used was not of a high enough standard to be considered fit for purpose. Both the audio and video quality were seen as below enterprise standard, and overall adoption was beginning to fall. The limitations of the old video conferencing system meant lawyers spent time traveling or using less effective tools such as telephone conferencing.

Their Objectives

  • Ease of use – Remove the frustrations around ‘how do I do it’ when walking into a room
    • Find a solution that offers a ‘one button system’ to increase adoption and require minimal training
  • Quality – Three key areas in every room that were key; high quality audio, high quality video and high-quality furniture
    • Create a ‘wow’ factor for every person that walks into the room. The positive impression will influence usage
  • Cut down travel – Ensure that the availability of video conferencing technology is there when required for all employees
    • Expand the current number of video conferencing rooms and extend the service to the desktop
  • Make video conferencing available outside the office walls
    • Increase the amount of video conferencing that could be conducted with clients
    • Enable staff to have a ‘work from anywhere’ attitude 
  • Reduce the burden on the IT department in managing day to day conference challenges
    • Release management and hardware support

Mills & Reeve - The Objectives

Mills & Reeve - The Solutions



The Solution

Mills & Reeve decided to deploy Videocall’s ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) platform across their business. ICE has been developed to provide a high quality, reliable, secure and easy to use video conferencing service, catering specifically for enterprise businesses.

This fully interoperable platform allows users and clients to connect from any video enabled device or service, such as traditional video conferencing equipment in rooms, mobile devices and even clients that want to connect via Microsoft Skype for Business. The solution as a whole will deliver the ease of use through single click to join functionality in both the rooms and for users and clients joining from outside the offices.

Importantly meetings can be scheduled using familiar workflows including Microsoft Outlook, meaning that training is minimal throughout the company, and adoption rates grow quickly.

Videocall designed a solution for Mills & Reeve that included the following:


  • Videocall’s ICE platform offers the ultimate enterprise collaboration experience from the cloud
  • ICE Join offers the easiest one touch join functionality for all users whether in rooms, using desktops or mobile devices
  • ICE Web in-conference features include scheduling, join now, share and annotate content
  • Videocall streaming services allow users to broadcast on a one-to-many scenario
  • Videocall’s vNOC provide ad-hoc fully hosted conference services to allow Mills & Reeve’s executive’s to simply arrive in the board room and take part in the meeting – no connection or need to use the room systems
  • Videocall’s EAGLE service management platform has created a unified single workflow for managed conference booking and is interoperable with Microsoft Outlook
  • ITIL 24/7/365 SLA backed support and maintenance guarantees next day on-site resolution for technical issues
  • OUTREACH identifies and resolves real-time network and hardware issues as a remote infrastructure and device management and diagnostic service

The Results

Mills & Reeve are seeing a positive impact across the company in relation to the new video conference service. The simple to use technology and ‘wow’ factor video conferencing rooms are creating the positive influence that the company was looking to achieve.

Videocall deployed a Cisco estate of video conferencing technology endpoints all linked to the Videocall cloud and powered by ICE, able to connect with clients using other services including Microsoft Skype for Business, and users on desktop and mobile devices.

Mills & Reeve now have the ability for meetings to be held over video with clients and colleagues working from home. This has improved time management for employees and has increased their productivity levels.

The high-quality audio and video meetings alongside the improved reliability delivered across the ICE platform, has improved the overall meetings, with less time being wasted with challenges in set-up and more time being focussed on content sharing and business discussions.

Videocall’s ICE platform will provide Mills & Reeve with a future proofed, secure, reliable and scalable managed cloud service and collaboration partnership that can both support and evolve with their future business needs.

Mills & Reeve - The Results

Mills & Reeve

Iain Cushion - Director of IT

“Video conferencing has been used for longer than I have been at Mills & Reeve, and demand for the rooms we had was much higher than the availability. The audio and video were becoming unfit for our requirements and it was clear that we had to do something.”

“We started our conversation with Videocall early in our research stage, and it was clear straight away that they knew exactly what we were trying to achieve. They took us to see all of the latest technology and helped us to build the optimum service for our business.”

“Mills & Reeve are now in a position where our collaboration works effectively, efficiently and really demonstrates benefits for the business.” 

About Mills & Reeve

Mills & Reeve is one of the most successful law firms in the UK because of its highly commercial approach, the deep relationships it develops with clients, and the quality of its people and collaborative culture.

Clients appreciate we deliver pragmatic, commercial advice that is always clear and tailored to their needs and our deep sector expertise helps us to really understand our clients’ business and markets. Our sector specialisms include charities, education, food and agribusiness, health and care, insurance, the mid-market, private wealth, real estate investment, sport and technology.

Mills & Reeve is the only law firm to have been named 14 years running in the Sunday Times’ 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Other facts about Mills & Reeve:

We are a £92 million business, aiming to grow faster than the top 100 UK law firms

97% of our staff would recommend us as a good place to work

We have six offices in major UK cities, including London, with over 500 lawyers and 900 staff

About Videocall’s ICE

Videocall Intelligent Cloud Experience (ICE) is a simple-to-use, cloud-based business grade Video-as-a-Service Solution (VaaS). It is device and system agnostic and enables users to enjoy secure and reliable ad-hoc or scheduled video conferences on whatever device suits their needs. 

ICE is an ideal solution for those who need to collaborate with people both within and outside their own enterprise, using different types of video conferencing systems, as well as a range of desktop and mobile devices.


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