Starleaf Now Available From Videocall

Videocall and Starleaf create new partnership to allow Videocall to offer Starleaf as part of it's portfolio of managed services

Why Choose Videocall and Starleaf

Videocall are a global leader in video conferencing and remote collaboration solutions. For over 25 years Videocall have provided bespoke high quality, reliable, secure, best in class collaboration solutions to enterprise companies. Our goal is to make our customers agile, flexible and connected.

StarLeaf offers cloud-based video conferencing services and collaboration tools that create real value for your business. Whether it’s one-to-one video calls, small online meetings, large web conferences, or chats between teams; StarLeaf’s solutions are designed to enhance productivity and provide seamless collaboration.

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Built for Business

Videocall and Starleaf give you everything you need to keep your workers connected while working remotely. Remove barriers to communication and hold video conferences that anyone can join, from anywhere, on any device.

With unparalleled interoperability with other video calling services, your organisation and remote workers can reach out and connect with the widest possible audience.

  • MultiJoin feature allows users to interop with platforms including MS Teams, Webex, Zoom, Bluejeans and more.
  • Instant, remote deployment reduces set-up costs and the need for technical assistance.
  • Support for bi-directional screen sharing, multiple screens and cameras, and up to 100 remote attendees.
  • High definition recordings, including all video, audio and shared content.

Stay Safe, Stay Secure

Organizations need to ensure that when they engage with a video services vendor, they are absolutely sure it is one that they can trust with their data.

Starleaf's solution is protected end-to-end with the highest grade AES encryption, and without the need for plugins or additional software installations. IT service owners can relax knowing their remote workers are protected and their internal networks are secure. 

  • Secure by design.
  • Videocall and Starleaf are ISO 27001 certified, 
  • Fully encrypted data, in transit and at rest.
  • Regular & responsive security updates.

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Connect on Any device, Anywhere

The StarLeaf app is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. With a single login and persistent messaging, you’ll have all your contacts and your full conversation history at your fingertips wherever you are and whatever device you’re using.

  • Persistent messaging across all devices with full history.
  • Build team cohesion with StarLeaf's group chat functionality.
  • Quickly escalate any individual or group chat to a video meeting with one button.
  • Easily join meetings using the single-click “Join Now” button on the app.

Unparalleled Reliability & Support

Reliability is crucial to business productivity. With video now as pervasive as telephony, any video downtime costs businesses in terms of lost productivity.

StarLeaf's famous reliability, backed by Videocall's world-class SLA and support options means customers can rely on our platform for critical business communications, and can rest assured that our service is always available.

  • Tiered support options to fit every business need.
  • Service desk available 24/7/365 via phone, email or video.
  • Starleaf is the only vendor to offer a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Download the StarLeaf App

The StarLeaf app is a simple, secure and reliable application for messaging, meetings and calling. It works from anywhere, on any device, so your employees can collaborate, share and discuss as easily on the move as at work, and it is completely interoperable with other third party video calling devices.