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Skype for Business is a widely adopted, unified communications platform for enterprise use. As a Microsoft partner we have invested in a range of professional services to deliver the design, implementation, and support of Skype for Business either stand alone or integrated with your other collaboration tools, including Office365.

Our ICE cloud services can integrate with Skype for Business, whilst maintaining the existing Skype for Business workflow for your users creating a highly collaborative video meeting experience, shared across different platforms and devices.

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Integrating with Video Conferencing

Videocall’s ICE cloud services can integrate video conferencing estate with Skype for Business as well as providing high quality bi-directional content sharing amongst Skype for Business and standards based endpoints, creating a highly collaborative video meeting experience, shared among disparate devices and networks.

Key Features

On Premise or Cloud

On premise or cloud based Skype for Business solutions

Native Experience

Native content sharing experience for Skype for Business, Office365 and non-Skype for Business users

Native Workflow

Harness Videocall’s ICE platform while remaining in the native Skype for Business workflow environment

Click to Join

Single click to join functionality using calendar, meeting reminder, IM or email

Best of Both

Leverage the benefits of Skype for Business while harnessing Videocall’s stringent security measures

Skype for business benefits

Key Benefits

  • Single-Click From Any Device

    Create an agile work force with the power to connect using single click functionality from any video enabled mobile or desktop device from any location: office, home, on the road
  • Engagement and Adoption

    Maintaining user experience and workflow by remaining in the Skype for Business environment promotes engagement and adoption while reducing in-house training needs
  • Integrate with Microsoft

    Leverage your use of Microsoft Office365 with Skype for Business
  • Real-Time Co-Authoring

    Real time, in conference co-authoring of documents, slides and annotation provides ‘face to face’ standard collaboration from multiple locations

Looking to connect your legacy room systems to Skype for Business being delivered from Microsoft's Office365 cloud? We have the solution for you...

With our Skype VTC Interoperability service you have a solution that will seamlessly connect Skype for Business Online (Skype for Business delivered from the Office365 Azure Cloud), to room based endpoints, SIP and H.323 devices.

Users maintain their workflows, and business critical meetings can continue to enjoy the high quality audio and visual meetings that room based endpoints deliver.

Take a few moments to watch our short video which helps to explain the benefits of using Skype VTC Interoperability over replacing functional technolgy with Skype endpoints.

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Videocall’s ICE cloud solution offers native support for Microsoft’s Skype for Business, giving your employees the chance to work via an interface they are familiar with. Users can remain in the environment they are used to whilst creating or joining video meetings from their enabled mobile devices, desktop or video conferencing room systems. This means that Skype for Business users stay within the Skype for Business environment, whilst employees using room based devices stay in their environment, maintaining the best quality for both communities of users.

ICE offers users connection anywhere in the world thanks to global points of presence in over 70 countries. And because it’s a cloud solution, it’s scalable, giving you a fully future proofed communications strategy.

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Professional Services

Videocall will work with your existing technology, and long and short term IT strategy. We will design and implement a core infrastructure service that will transform your conferencing network into a communication platform that is central to your organisation's processes. Whether you chose to deploy Skype for Business or not, we can ensure your work force is engaged and connected globally, locally and working within an agile framework.


Download the Skype for Business Infosheet

Videocall's Skype for Business Integration

Microsoft Skype for Business is a widely adopted, unified communications platform for enterprise use. Videocall can facilitate deployment of Skype for Business across your business.

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Travel expenses have already decreased and it has been reassuring to know Videocall is just a call away to help with any problems we have, regardless of where in the world the hardware is located.

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