Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the central hub for teamwork, bringing together chat, meetings, calling, collaboration, app integration, and file storage. It is an application that is provided as part of a subscription to Microsoft Office365.

Videocall can help deploy Microsoft Teams from your Microsoft Office 365 subscription across your business to improve your collaboration across desktop, mobile and your meeting rooms, ensuring that you are set-up for intelligent collaboration.

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Key Features

Business Collaboration

Designed with business collaboration in mind

Third Party Integration

Third party integration and open API

Security & Compliance

Teams provides advanced security and compliance to protect data and users

Deployed With Office 365

Can be deployed as part of Microsoft Office 365 subscription

Delivered from Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Teams is delivered from the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Interoperability With Office 365

Interoperability with Microsoft Office 365 and all its productivity tools

Microsoft Teams key benefits

Key Benefits

  • Real Time Collaboration

    Collaborate in real time through a number of mediums – Audio, video, persistent chat and file sharing
  • Reduced Number Of Emails

    Chat has been placed at the centre of Teams to help reduce the number of emails and to help everyone stay connected
  • Customisable

    Workspaces are customisable so that individual users or teams can receive the information most important to them
  • Connect From Anywhere

    Users can connect to Teams from anywhere, allowing employees to be more flexible when required

Videocall’s Methodology

Videocall follow a process that has been designed to work in conjunction with the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework (SOF), which also works for Teams. You can refer to what we call our Customer Success Formula on the Managed Services page of the website.

Using this formula ensures that we provide a mapped out approach for deploying Microsoft Teams in any business by ensuring we follow the process of preparation, adoption, growth and review in a cyclic fashion.

Team Rooms

Videocall can design, build, operate and support rooms and meeting spaces specifically designed to run Microsoft Teams. We are a Microsoft Silver Communications partner and will leverage our collaboration and video conferencing expertise to ensure that all spaces are fitted with technology that is not only suited to that space, but capable of carrying out the required actions, in the easiest and most reliable way possible. You can find out more about our room designs on our Room Integration page.

Team Rooms

legacy equipment

Traditional Video Conferencing Rooms (legacy equipment)

Videocall can support any enterprise business that has a video conferencing estate that contains traditional or legacy equipment (including mixed vendor estates) that is required to connect into a Microsoft Teams environment. We can protect existing investments and combine all collaboration services, ensuring that user experience and workflows do not suffer in the process.

Download the Microsoft Teams Infosheet

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