OUTREACH is our remote infrastructure device management and diagnostic service and forms the core of our managed service offerings. OUTREACH provides us and you the customer with real time data from which to manage the availability, functionality and performance of your core infrastructure and devices.

Together with managing software, firmware, analysis tools and reporting, OUTREACH manages your entire service, identifying and resolving issues quickly, accurately and helping to reduce the cost of support as deployments grow across your business.

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Features of OUTREACH

Real Time Monitoring

Continuous real time monitoring of end points and infrastructure

System Alerts

Service owners are alerted if the system is down, even if it’s not in use

Proactive Diagnosis and Resolution Escalation

Proactive diagnosis and resolution escalation via network or managed conferencing service team 

Maximum Compatibility

Interoperable with all devices, including existing endpoints and infrastructure

Upgrade Remotely

Provides availability to remotely upgrade and record firmware versions of all systems and infrastructure

Proactive Warnings

Proactive end of life and obsolescence warnings

Download the OUTREACH Infosheet

Videocall's OUTREACH Product

OUTREACH is Videocall’s remote infrastructure management and diagnostic service and forms the core of our managed service offerings. OUTREACH provides Videocall with real time remote access to any endpoint to diagnose issues reported by the OUTREACH service, the customer or the vNOC team during conferences.

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Videocall has been our video communications partner for over a decade. They’ve been a key resource in helping us to realise the benefits of globalising our business working on both a strategic level, as well as a very practical implementation level.

Rob Morgan, 
SVP/Group Platform Director – Corporate IT, Clarks

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Outreach end user support

End User Support

Our SLA driven technical support service is available internationally 24/7/365 to provide diagnosis, resolution and replacement. With tiered service options you can ensure that you are supported at a level that is appropriate to your enterprises’ needs.  Regardless of the scale of service you use we guarantee resolution for your hardware and peripherals in line with your level of SLA. You will also receive software updates and manufacturer upgrades.

As well as this, Videocall’s vNOC and Service Desk teams provide a 24/7/365 real time meeting management service that includes a whole lifecycle of video conference management. Support for conferences to ensure they start on time, they are of the correct quality and that if any issues occur during the conference they are addressed in line with the service level you have selected. The vNOC offers a tiered scale of support from self-service to concierge to accommodate the varying needs within a typical organisational structure. The scales of service are fluid and can be utilised by whichever set of end users are deemed appropriate.



Information protection and security are maintained to the highest standard at Videocall. We have ISO 27001 to recognise that we have in place a suitable management process for our company. All Videocall buildings and systems are monitored and protected to the highest level. We have been audited by a recognised international body and awarded with ISO 14001 – Quality and ISO 9001 – Environment.

We are also Home Office SC cleared – necessary staff have been security checked and cleared. The vNOC and service desk team operate from a purpose built environment and due to the nature of the conferences managed, security is of paramount importance. Videocall have implemented stringent physical and logical security measures which are detailed in our security policies and include 24/7/365 conference management and technical support service from the vNOC operations centre in Videocall’s Headquarters building.

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