SUREFIRE is a video overlay network service designed specifically to support real time, high quality, high demand and high usage video services that offer our customers the choice to manage their video conferencing demands without additional pressure or costs on existing networks.
With Quality of Service and SLA’s that deliver 99.999% performance, SUREFIRE has over 70 points of presence worldwide and also supports local access globally to our ICE cloud services.

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Key Features

World Class MPCS

Seamless video environment created by world class MPCS performance

Fully Managed

Fully managed from Videocall’s service centre and with service availability levels of 99.999%

Consistent Experience

Entirely separate from any data running across corporate WANs or LANs, meaning that your internal network is unaffected by high volumes of VC traffic

High Quality Guarantees

SUREFIRE provides the mechanism to guarantee high quality meetings. It can be used without affecting other key applications 

Benefits of SUREFIRE

  • Guaranteed Experience

    An overall improved video conferencing experience that leverages a dedicated bandwidth to support continuous high quality video collaboration

  • Scalable

    Fully global scalable service that will grow with your company. Over 70 points of presence worldwide

  • End to End Monitoring

    End to end management and monitoring of the SUREFIRE network, meaning internal networking teams do not have to spend valuable time troubleshooting video conferencing issues

Benefits of SUREFIRE

Features of SUREFIRE

Highest Quality of Service

SUREFIRE video overlay networks are provided via a Layer 3 fully-meshed MPLS service that is supported by the strongest 6 level and true site to site Quality-of-Service (QoS)

Proactive Support

Proactive 24/7/365 support from our highly-trained team; outages are fixed before they become an issue for you

Security is Covered

As an entirely segregated network, you will also be able to maintain the strongest security strategy on your networks, meaning no need to invest in firewall transversal devices or compromised firewall settings due to opening additional ports for SIP or H323 network traffic

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Download the SUREFIRE Infosheet

Videocall's SUREFIRE Product

SUREFIRE is a video overlay network designed to designate specific bandwidth directly to video, decreasing both latency and jitter. With SUREFIRE, your video traffic will not slow down the speed at which other computer functions and applications take place.

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Having a single supplier for all of our video communications whom we can call on 24 x 7 x 365 takes a huge headache away from our IT department. Their telephone support service is excellent and having a contract to replace any faulty equipment within 24 hours gives us peace of mind.

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