Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams is an app that brings people together to move work forward effectively, inside or outside your organization. Secure messaging, file sharing, white boarding, video meetings, calling, and more, all in a single app, and without having to switch between multiple tools.

Cisco have also created Webex Teams Rooms. A series of room based technology that can be used as H.323, SIP or as a dedicated Cisco Webex Teams endpoint for collaboration within various sized meeting rooms.

Videocall can provide an interoperability service that integrates legacy video conferencing estate with Cisco Webex Teams, as well as providing high quality bi-directional content sharing amongst Webex Teams and standards based endpoints, creating a highly collaborative video meeting experience, shared among disparate devices and networks.

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Key Features

Create Spaces

Create spaces to keep work moving anytime

Rich Meeting Experiences

Rich meeting experiences for all users

Enterprise Grade

Enterprise grade security as standard


Interoperability for speed and convenience

Open Integration

Open integration to Webex SDKs and widgets

Cisco Master ATP

Videocall hold Cisco Master ATP status

Webex Teams

Key Benefits

  • Increase Productivity

    Increase productivity by keeping all your spaces in a single view, whether created by you or someone outside your company, with the ability to easily search all spaces at any time
  • Democratised Team Meetings

    Democratised team meetings: Any member of a space can schedule, start, record, mute others, and admit guests
  • End-To-End Encryption

    Stay safe with end-to-end encryption that protects messages, files, and whiteboard drawings from your device to theirs and everywhere in between
  • Extended Capacities

    Use cloud services to extend the capacity of your on-premises meetings
  • Store Content Encryption Keys

    Store content encryption keys on-premises without functionality loss

Videocall’s Methodology

As a Cisco Master ATP partner Videocall understand the principles and methodology required do successfully integrate Webex Teams into an enterprise business environment. We deploy Webex Teams using our Customer Success Formula which can be found on the Managed Services page of the website.

Using this formula ensures that we provide a mapped out approach for deploying Cisco Webex Teams in any business by ensuring we follow the process of preparation, adoption, growth and review in a cyclic fashion.

Webex Teams Rooms

Videocall can design, build, operate and support rooms and meeting spaces specifically designed to run Cisco Webex Teams, whether the technology is to work on H.323, SIP or Webex Teams. We are a Cisco Master ATP partner and will leverage our collaboration and video conferencing expertise to ensure that all spaces are fitted with technology that is not only suited to that space, but capable of carrying out the required actions, in the easiest and most reliable way possible. You can find out more about our room designs on our Room Integration page.

Webex Teams Rooms

legacy equipment

Traditional Video Conferencing Rooms (legacy equipment)

Videocall can support any enterprise business that has a video conferencing estate that contains traditional or legacy equipment (including mixed vendor estates) that is required to connect into a Cisco Webex Teams environment. We can protect existing investments and combine all collaboration services, ensuring that user experience and workflows do not suffer in the process.

Download the Webex Teams Infosheet

Videocall's Webex Teams Integration

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