The Cloud: A Brief Explanation

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Public clouds use a shared infrastructure managed by a third party, where various applications are located in a shared virtualised environment. Public clouds are hosted away from a business’ premises with a levelled network that works as an extension to an enterprise’s existing infrastructure.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

A private cloud is owned and managed by a business, either via an in-house IT team or a third party cloud provider. Access to a private cloud is restricted only to those who operate within the company’s firewall; resources are ring-fenced for exclusive use so sensitive information is kept as secure as possible.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

As the name suggests, a hybrid cloud is a mixture of private and public. This allows applications to be located in the virtual environment they work best in, which can be entirely defined by your company. Where there are mutual touch points between clouds, a blend of both can be created to better serve certain areas of a company. Businesses can define which areas of operation must be kept private and which can be accessible to anyone – including those outside the business – in a highly secure environment.

Moving your Video Conferencing to The Cloud by Using VaaS

We discuss how you can connect a global video conferencing service in the cloud to deliver a fit for purpose service, deliver better ROI, use your Skype for Business licenses and future proof.

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Moving your Video Conferencing to The Cloud by Using VaaS Play video

Cloud Security

We offer the highest degrees of both physical and logical security, underpinned by ISO accreditations for security, quality and environment. Our staff also have Home Office SC Clearance.

Physical Security

  • Secure entry to our HQ and segregated vNOC services area

  • High levels of surveillance of our building, which is not signposted or branded

  • Internal procedures and protocols for all staff, with restricted access to areas containing sensitive information

Logical Security

  • Active firewalls and directory systems

  • Windows and Linux production servers

  • All systems monitored and protected to the highest levels

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Videocall's Cloud Services

The cloud has revolutionised the day-to-day operations of many companies. For video conferencing cloud services, we leverage global points of presence so video can be transmitted securely and reliably at high speed, giving businesses greater reach for collaboration, both internally and externally.

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Videocall’s ICE Platform

At Videocall, we are 100% focused on video conferencing, ensuring the best quality and productivity for every customer. That is what encouraged us to create ICE – our Intelligent Cloud Experience. This platform, designed to offer high quality Video as a Service in the cloud, leverages our expertise to offer an affordable, reliable, and scalable virtual environment for all video conferencing solutions.

ICE offers a wide range of benefits and features, including use of our EAGLE service management platform and optional support from our dedicated vNOC team.

To find out more about why ICE is the answer to your video conferencing requirements, click below or fill out the contact form for a call back from one of our consultants.

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Other products that might be right for you

Other services that might be right for you

Videocall have given us the right blend of service and support. Video conferencing is about an experience and ensuring Fujitsu personnel get this experience every time is very important. To this end Videocall is a company big enough to meet our needs whilst remaining agile and personable to respond to our requests.

Jim Clarke
Project Manager Information Security, Risk and Compliance

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